Friday, July 31, 2009

Nothing To Write.......

When I started this journal I thought I could write thousands of things . And now it has been almost 2 months since my last take. I simply could not think of anything interesting to write.

I have been wanting to buy a flat screen TV for quite a while but it was put on hold for a few times. The old box TV still so faithful, it only need a gentle knock on its top and walla....popped out my favourite AFC channel showing a young girl while eating her bowl of rice tapping the top of her TV. Guess after constantly being knocked, it went kaput a couple of weeks ago. So I went hunting for an LCD TV and replaced the bulky box TV. So proud that I also own an LCD TV now, but nay, there is nothing to shout about. Almost anybody can buy an LCD TV now. So ,writing about getting an LCD TV would not be a good idea.

Last month I fully settled the car loan with the bank. After working for a long time and the finances has stabilized , I thought I could managed to change the car for a new one. So I booked one of the national car latest product. However I have yet to get the car as the waiting list is quite long. Aah... I cannot wait. It make me nervous. But as I travel to work everyday, I see so many new cars on the road. Guess a take on getting a new car also is not a good thing. No big deal!!

I had this cough for almost a month . It was so annoying and I was also frustrated for not being able to eat my favourite King of fruit and the longan. It was so bad and with the Influenza A pandemic, it came to me that a new virus might have mutated from the H1N1 and somehow got its way into me. Anyway I was glad that it was a normal cough, otherwise I would be part of the prime news and be quarantined.

Charlie's Angels was one of my favourite television series. So , when the news of Farrah Fawcet passing broke, I felt the lost. But when I went to the office the next day, there was no response from any of my colleague . Seems like I was the only one in the office who knew Farah Fawcet. Most of the younger people never heard of Farah Fawcet. Am I that old???? Better not say anything on Farah Fawcet. Hehe.

I grew up with Michael Jackson's songs. Obviously my son became a great fan of MJ too. As a toddler he would start wriggling to all the fast beat songs. As he grew older he would impersonate MJ dance moves especially the moonwalk. I vividly remember that during one of MJ concerts we watched on TV, we were awed by his dances and I blurted out " Terornye MJ ni. Ma rasa dia ni genius. Genius ni selalunya cepat mati". Like millions of MJ fans, my son was in sombre mood for several days over his demise. But thousands of things have been written on MJ that another take would be passed unnoticed.

Alas, for the past 2 months there was simply nothing to write.


zah (AT) said...

I couldn't agree more..nothing much to shout about kan about our life.. cuma kenangan juga nostalgia yg tak akan luput dari ingatan...i lost my mum on june masih teringat2 akan arwah..tengok nih..aku tetap sebak bila sebut n i cud feel the lump in my throat already......
Maa.... anak bujang aku nak kawennn..
ada jodoh n rezeki kita jemput la yekk.. pastu mintak tolong buatkan kek hantaran..amacam?????