Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Starting a Blog....

  • I was not into the IT world or the net until after the last general election where the results shocked the nation. I was then avidly following the political on goings on the conventional media until at the height of the campaign, suddenly popped this new thing to me called 'alternative media'. Due to some budget constraint I was only able to get a notebook after the general election. So.... this is what there is about politics in the net. After sometimes when these politicians became more and more uncivilized, I got fed-up. Heck, let the hooligan be! There are better things closer to me like my sister's blog on baking, her links of other baking enthusiasts, Chedet and others that I can bury myself in. Still, I was only a silent reader until my nephew started his blog recently and I wanted to post a comment for support. It's so frustrated when you only appear as anonymous. Thus here I am wracking my head as I've never write on anything before.

Friday, March 27, 2009

My Old Ray Ban

About 2 weeks ago a colleague brought his notebook with mobile broadband to the office for some help from another colleague to download some software which was of no interest to me. In the office only the boss and a few other staff with certain function get to access the Internet while the rest of us will have to make do with the intranet. While there were hive of activities at my back, I kept on doing my own work without paying much attention. Suddenly one particular word struck the eardrum and ringed sweet memories of yesteryears, and that was RAY BAN!

"Apa cite pasal Ray Ban ni?" I asked. Then they showed me to a 'cool' Ray Ban enthusiast website. I remembered having a pair of this much hunted item which I bought in my early days of work in the early 80s. It felt so good to be able to buy out of my own pocket this brand eyewear and proudly wearing it whenever i walked under the glaring sun.

Then to my horror it came to me that i might have lost it during the many times I shifted from one rented house to another before I finally settled down in my own. After work that day I hurried home and frantically searched for the now invaluable piece. I almost burst into tears of joy when I found it still intact except that it was not in its original casing but of other type in one of my dressing table drawers. That night I slept with a smile.

The boys at the office 'in thing' Ray Ban...



and tada.. Mine, the Classic