Monday, May 18, 2009


I have a passion for baking. I used to take orders from friends and colleagues and baked chocolate cakes, cheese cakes, carrot cakes and cookies. Raya seasons I would make a small fortune selling cookies. Unfortunately about 2 years ago I had to stop pursuing the small business that I love so much due to health reason. However, at about end of March 2009, this colleague of mine started hassling me for a birthday cake for her daughter that fall on 24/4/09. I suggested that she order from my sister or any of the bakeries. It would be very exhaustive for me especially if I had to bake on working days. But no, she persistently nagged at me that my cakes taste good, my sister's not the same, 'please please please' almost every other day. Anyway, for a friend's sake and at the thought of her little girl excitements I gave in and obliged. Lo and behold, after I've finished the baking I felt this high sense of satisfaction, so good though it's only a chocolate cake with simple deco. She also presented me with books on cake decorating bought by her sister in London on my birthday early May 2009. Thank you Yus for gestures that relived the passion I thought I've lost.

About 3 weeks ago in one of my regular visits to Tesco Ampang for groceries or 'lepakking' when, after loitering for a while my knees started wobbling. I had to find a place where I could sit and rest my legs. I found an empty bench and told my sister to carry on with wherever or whatever she wanted to do. Most of the time it would be only me and my sister frequenting the shopping complex. Guess my son like most other youngsters seldom accompany the mother, maybe afraid of being called 'anak mak' by his friends. I started reading a newspaper I bought earlier, ignoring the hustle of people passing up and down in front of me. Then, came a gutsy sexy lady in a spaghetti strap shirt with a tight and sat besides me. I guessed she is about my age. I looked up and smile at her. I knew I would lose my privacy. True enough, she started blabbering about her knee problem, where she seek treatment, asked me where I live, how many children I have, bla bla bla. She was getting on my nerve and I was about to get off when she said, ' you ni cantik ye. anak you mesti handsome'. Not wanting to continue the conversation I said thank you and excused myself.
Same thing happened at Jusco Maluri last week. After getting all the groceries, I sat at a bench. If I' don't read the newspaper, I love watching people around me. Their behaviour, fashion, shoes, handbags, small kids and everything else. It came to me how lucky we are to be living in peace and harmoniously in this country. Then came a thin Chinese old lady accompanied by his son and sat beside me. I turned to her and we started some conversation. To my surprise the old lady also told me that I am 'cantik'.

I pondered over the two incidents as to what perspective of 'cantik' the two ladies saw in me. Being a makcik with size X?L, I still cannot figure it out. Whatever it was, it certainly put me high above the pedestal.
Anyway, to the sexy lady in Tesco, if I were to see her again I'll show gestures of apology to make up for being judgmental.